Eco Bijagos


Guinea Bissau


Centre for Ecology &Biodiversity Conservation. A multi-resources and non–profit organisation with the Centre in the Bijagos-Archipelagos in Africa. The Mission is to save turtles and trees. While teaching the indigenous people there how to use modern technology and communication.
















Tecnoco creates strategic alliances between Norway and Latin America. With our education and combined cultural understanding we can pave the way for Norwegian industry in Latin America. Building bridges between these countries, we contribute with networking which is necessary to enter the local market.













Lettere Livsstil

St. Pauli, Belgium


A Bed & Breakfast retreat on a farm in St. Paul, Belgium. The resort is ment for people who need to get away from the city and in need of a healthier lifestyle. Lettere Livsstil (lighter lifestyle in english) -offers a variety of activities, ranging from golf and tennis to biking, hiking, finishing it off with lovely bath and sauna.
















Romfolk is a magasin for gypsies in Oslo that they can sell on the streets, as an alternativ to begging. The organization is based on the values of sensibility, humanity, education, tradition, tolerance, equality and culture.










Oslo, Norway


A free seminar by Cloudnames on how to think digital. How to take advantage of opportunities online and set up a digital strategy for building sites, that sell. What tools to use on a modest budget and much more.
















Capital Market Development. About the capital market and leadership.
















Marinreparatørene is a locally based nonprofit environmental group that works based on a vision of an inner Oslo fjord that is non-toxic, with a rich and sustainable marine environment. 













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